Airbag ECU Reset


The Supplemental Restraint System has the important job of protecting both the driver as well as any passengers in the event of an accident. Since the airbag module is like the brains of this system, it determines what needs to occur when. For example, if the driver is going fast on the road and then suddenly hits the brakes to stop at a light, the SRS Module determines that the seat belts need to lock. This puts both the driver and/or passenger(s) firmly into their seat. In this case, the airbags do not need to deploy.

However, in a major accident like a vehicle being in a head on collision, the module will determine that the airbags need to get deployed as well as locking the seat belts in order to help protect the person in the seat. The SRS can protect you only if it itself is in good condition. Otherwise, it may not work the way it should, which can result in unnecessary physical damage during an accident.

When the SRS airbag module is deployed, an airbag code will come up which may look different in various cars such as the “airbag off” text. An SRS airbag module reset may be necessary if the light is on but will always be necessary after an accident. The SRS airbag system computer will have crash codes or crash data known as hard codes stored in it. This is something that no airbag module reset tool can reset. This is where a professional like Safety Restore comes in!

There is the option of getting a new or used module, but these would need to be programmed to the cars VIN which could cost you hundreds and be time consuming. However, this is completely unnecessary. The other option is to keep your existing one and get your SRS Airbag ECU to reset with a professional. Safety Restore is a company that specializes in post accident restoration. With the low cost of a $49 reset service, Safety Restore can save you time and hundreds of dollars. Whether you choose to buy a new or used module or to use your existing airbag module, their expert technicians can help you. Visit

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