Seat Belt Pretensioner Repair

Seat Belt Pretensioner Repair

In the United States, there is a 1 in 84 chance of you dying when in an auto accident. Surprisingly, those odds get cut in half with just the use of a seat belt. That is one good incentive to wear your seatbelt at all times on the road! It is the job of the seat belt along with the rest of the supplemental restraint system to help keep you safe when in an accident. However, it can only do so if it is not only being used but also is in working condition. Check all parts of the SRS, getting anything that is not in perfect condition, repaired, replaced, or reset. Some things you may end up needing include seat belt webbing replacement, airbag module reset, or seat belt pretensioner repair.

The seat belt pretensioner may be considered one of the most important since it is the component that gets triggered to help protect you. A seat belt pretensioner would be needed in the case your vehicle has hit something pretty hard (such as in a collision) or if the seat belt gets jerked on. Your seat belt webbing tightens, keeping you firmly in your seat. Your airbags may have been deployed as well, though this may not always be the case.

Safety Restore is post accident restoration company that can help you with your seat belt repair after accident. What exactly does Safety Restore do for seat belt repair service on the pretensioner? They replace the gas charge, sensor, any and all parts including the spring and rebuild the mechanism. Seat belts should only be fixed by a certified repair facility.
They should never be tampered with otherwise the warranty may void preventing them from being able to repair your seat belts. Also, improper handling of the seat belt can cause serious injury or even death. No worries though, Safety Restore has the low seat belt pretensioner replacement cost starting at only $64.99! So you can get back on the road quickly, safely and with money still in your pocket.

A properly working seat belt pretensioner is very important in order to help protect you in the event of an accident. If you suspect that yours needs repair, you can rely on a seat belt repair shop like Safety Restore. Visit for more information on this and other services.

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