Seat belt repair


Safety rating or safety features in a vehicle are not always the first thing on our minds. However, certain features such as seat belt buckles can break easily if they are not great quality or not taken care of. Most parts need attention and maybe even repair every now and then. For example, if the seat belt won’t go into the buckle or if seat belt buckle won’t release, it can lead to unnecessary damage to your person if ever in an accident. If you learn how to get a seat belt buckle unstuck or fixed, you can try to do it at home. One thing to remember is that if you are unsure if your seat belt buckle can be repaired, simply replace it. Here is a quick step by step on how to do this.

Before starting, make sure you have the correct tools you need. A screwdriver and butter knife will come in handy. Examine the buckle to understand the damage. If something stuck in seat belt buckle, clean it. The butter knife may help here by removing anything stuck.

If you notice that there is still an issue, it may be as a result of something inside of the buckle. Using a screwdriver, remove the buckle which is screwed on or fitted with the seat. If needed, unscrew the sockets on the buckle before disassembling it. Be careful not to jerk it open as some parts may pop out. Make sure this is working correctly. The buckle has three main components inside, the red button, a cam, and springs. When the tongue gets pushed in, the cam catches it and holds onto it. Once you press the red button, the cam lets it go using the springs, releasing the tongue.

If the buckle is still giving you a hard time or you are unsure you can fix it yourself, you can either buy a new buckle or send it to an expert to have them do it for you. Safety Restore can handle your seat belt buckle repair! They have a 24 hour turnaround time and offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. They can repair your seat belt buckle along with anything else your vehicles SRS may need. They will do this quickly, effectively, while saving you hundreds of dollars!

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