Speedometer Calibration and Repair

Speedometer Repair

When you are driving, you are constantly looking down behind your wheel to check out certain information about how you are driving. The vehicles cluster, or speedometer, has various information displayed on it, including the tachometer gauge, odometer gauge, gas/fuel gauge, temperature gauge, as well as transmission gauge. We rely on these things to give us accurate info otherwise we may be driving on the road dangerously. If you notice the speedometer giving you an incorrect reading, sticking, fluttering, or just not working, then you may need to get the speedometer repaired or recalibrated.

A speedometer is calibrated to ensure that the magnetic field torque reads and displays the correct speed of the vehicle. It takes into account the gear ratio of the drive cable, the tire diameter, as well as the drive ratio in the differential. If any of these have changed in your vehicle, the speedometer needs to be calibrated to accommodate those changes. The easiest way to calibrate the speedometer is to modify the magnetic field’s strength. This is done by using an electromagnet to adjust to match the input from the device’s drive cable. A professional will be able to help you in this service.

If you are wondering “Where is there a speedometer repair shop near me?”, look no further than Safety Restore. Safety Restore specializes in post accident repair as well as custom seat belt webbing, airbag module reset, and cluster repair. Safety Restore can help rebuilding tachometer gauge, oil gauge repair, temperature gauge repair, gas gauge repair, and car odometer repair. They do it all! The great thing is, you can save hundreds of dollars on this service with Safety Restore as compared to a dealer. The speedometer repair cost is only $118.99! Safety Restore will repair your cluster using 100% OEM parts and include a lifetime guarantee. Not only are they super affordable, but they are also quick and effective with their 24 hours turnaround time. Leave the work to a BBB accredited company and then enjoy the drive knowing you can trust your speedometer to give you the correct readings and work the way it should.

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