What to do if Speedometer stops working


Driving down the road can be one of the most relaxing things to do on a beautiful day, listening to music, opening up the window and enjoying the fresh air. Or enjoying it with friends while singing to some of your favorite songs as you all go on a long road trip. So before you go, you always have to make sure your vehicle is safe to drive before going any distance. Making sure your speedometer works is key to having a safe drive, not only for you and your passengers but also for others on the road as well.

If your speedometer not working do not panic, there are a lot of options for it to be fixed before your next trip. Before making any rash decisions it is always good to know how a speedometer works. A speedometer calculates the speed of the vehicle through interaction with the transmission and driveshaft. In other words, a gauge that measures and displays the speed of a vehicle. If it doesn’t work properly you won’t know how fast you are going and that can potentially be very dangerous.

Figuring out why your speedometer stopped working is also a good idea, there are a couple of reasons why a speedometer could be reading wrong. One of the most common problems would be the speed sensor is broken. A speed sensor indicates the speed of the vehicle, regulates the flow of fuel and ignition timing and operates the cruise control. Another reason that your speedometer may not be working is a faulty fuse or bad wiring. It may be possible that in bad weather an exposed wire got wet and shorted out a fuse when it is not working this can cause the speedometer to drop to zero. A third reason may be that the engine control unit is malfunctioning, this acts as the vehicle’s brain, monitoring many different vehicle activities, including speed. If there is a problem with the engine control unit, it may affect how it reads the speed the vehicle is traveling at and can drop the speedometer to zero.

If you don’t know for sure what is causing your speedometer to stop working you can always send it into a company like Safety Restore. They specialize in restoring your speedometer, using high quality parts and having a 24 hour turnaround instead of waiting for an order from the manufacturer. Call them today and speak to a professional that can help you with getting your speedometer working properly.

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Posted by Zachary Daniel Remian on Wednesday, March 27, 2019

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